a poem by Punit N Parikh

She said, “goodbye” and walked over,
I stared; she disappeared in the crowd cover.

Some relationships end with a goodbye,
Silent words and hearts left to suffer.
Pale faces beneath which dead emotions lie,
Coz’ perceptions and views of people differ.

People often dream of context free relationship.
And dreams often fail as reality takes over,
Which is strong enough to break bonds of friendship.
Coz’ virtual relationships have a fragile cover.

Can a silent goodbye end it all?
Crazy little word with varied dimensions.
But can emotions understand the call?
Over here its just words, emotions don’t get a mention.

Is it an illusion of a dry future?
Or sweet moments in past cherished together.
The clinging sounds of goodbye echo around,
Emphasizing a tale of broken heart narrated with tears.