Colourful Flowers

a poem by Ramesh T A

The colourful flowers of many names I see as far as my eyes can see;
The colourful Stars in the Sky I find in the colourful flowers on the Earth;
To the left I see Lily and Jasmine and to the right I see Rose and Guinea;
And I see many more flowers of whose names I know not yet.

What is there in the name? A flower is a flower whatever its name is;
For beauty, fragrance and medicine the flowers are unique in their way;
They are like the ladies blush, bloom and look beautiful in the world;
And there are flower peoples too – the hippies roaming round the world!

The flowers are unique among the plants of the world we know;
Are they a luxury among the plants? People debate endlessly even today;
The flowers are beautiful and necessary for the generation of their brand.
Yes! The flowers and the insects are the unique creations of Nature!

Beauty and love the flowers show are always generous and genuine;
The flowers are most used to decorate the deities people love most;
The guests are welcomed in honour with garlands of flowers ever;
And generally greetings are given to the beloved with bouquet of flowers.

Each flower on the Earth is similar to a nebula in the Universe;
And a garden of flowers I see in the Universe of nebulae so to say!
The spiral nebula in the macro form I find in a flower in the micro form;
And in reciprocation each one points towards each other above and below!

Light and rain grow the flowers on the fertile ground of the Earth
And fragrance and beauty flowers show in gratitude as response;
The seeds they throw and the pollen they allow for the bees to carry on
For the germination of their race and the generation of the flowers to rise!

Big or small each flower is preciously simple in various ways,
A wonderful creation everyone is fond of carrying some with;
Ladies and gentlemen! Is there anyone unable to love flowers
However useless and vain they may look to be of all the plants?

The flowers are born to love and to be loved by all like the ladies;
Especially for men to learn to love and lose in their love in the world!
Even if men forget love, flowers remain to remind them of love;
And mainly for this function Nature never allows their extinction.