Behind the Vision

a poem by Sushil Kumar

A dream, a thought or an imagination,
sometimes looking from behind the clouds with fascination,
a face with innocence and beauty appearing like an intuition,
but shy enough to be always behind the vision.

Visualising the image appearing a little,
admiring the beauty always behind the mantle,
lost in ‘her’ to whom I am looking for,
but behind the vision, a shadow I adore.

Comes suddenly with a thought disrupting the life,
with hours of meditation to make her stand in front of my eyes,
like a fragrance you feel but can’t see,
her appearance around me but unseen to be.

The mercy she shows while coming being alone,
where souls interact with other in a silent tone,
how fortunate you are watching me as a whole,
but you are not existing, existing the soul.

The eyes full of love splashing a bit,
where she lost in her while me in the sight,
where she wants to speak but the shyness retreat,
a picture in my mind but yet to greet.

The heart restless enough bursting with love,
touching the point of peak, even a bit above,
the feelings getting on and on for someone somewhere,
but behind the vision a dream I adhere.

Yet to come out of clouds like angel’s beam,
vanishing the solitudeness, breaking the dream,
to become visible whom I can feel and see,
but behind the vision yet, like moon’s shadow in the sea.