All I Need

a poem by Altaaf Jaffer

All I need and always will
Is one wish God ‘n’ you can fulfill
And nothing anyone else will do
Can stop me from loving you

So lean on me, I’m all yours
I’m no Angel from the heavens above
I have a heart achin’ bad enough
All it needs to heal is your love

‘coz all I need and will always do-
Is this love I’ve found with you
I’ll be your love ‘n’ your strength
As long as you want me – until the end

Count on me trust me please
Put my worried mind at ease
Time won’t change the way I feel
Darling you’re all I’ll ever need

Talk to me, I’m all yours
I love you with all my heart
Give me hope instead of fear
Tell me words I’ve longed to hear

Hold my hand, be my love
Love, I’ve waited long enough
Hold me close ‘n’ lead me on
Stay with me and make me strong

Come to me, say you’ll never leave
I love you more than you can believe
I’m sure everytime we are together-
That all I need is you, forever