A Promise

a poem by Saima Afreen

A friend, a sweetheart, a soul mate
Is what you want me to be
But these are not just what I want to be
I’d be:
A shadow when you walk alone in the scorching sun,
Cool rain to wet you when you walk in desert,
A bright lamp when you face darkness,
A Ghazal when you feel down,
A ray when you get despondent,
A gentle balm for all your pains,
A smile on your face when you get sad,
And I’d be:
A frisky breeze when you go for a stroll,
A bouquet of flowers when you celebrate your success,
A beautiful poem when you pick your pen,
Tinkling sound of silver bells when you smile,
Riot of colours when you get overjoyed,
A beautiful night when you sit at your window,
Be a silk-scarf for you during pitter-patter of rain,
Be a rhythmic brook to greet you in unknown lands,
A story to delight you during cold winters,
Vermilion rays of sun when you gaze at the evening sky,
Soft-notes from piano when you hum a tune,
A moonbeam to take you to world of dreams,
Or rather I’d be:
Ink of ocean
To write about you
On pages
Of the endless sky