A prayer of my heart

a poem by Jeet

You changed what I was yesterday
Deny I not… for its true
You made me realise what love is
A treasure you are for me that’s true

You realised not what you did for me
You made me feel that best I could not have been
You really have done that was not expected
To feel so much for me and love me as much

Not a single tear bother me when you are in embrace
For fear and solemn vanish with you are by my side
You made me realise that life is worthwhile
For you made me feel every time you smile

Its fate that I got what I never searched for
It’s your love and nothing more
Coz you have given me this feeling of contentment
In my life something I’ve never felt

I wish I could have all that you made me feel
But time has all to say
Wish all have happened, way you wanted to be
Alas! I am so tied up… all my fate has to say

Destiny has its own course
I have to move in my destined way…
If not this life but I do pray
Shall I not part till my dying day