A Couple

a poem by Junaid M

The sun is cute
crimson in colour

The moon is
waiting for her turn

Both of them
have made a heaven
out of shades!

Beneath the sky
I see a bird
clinging to a
broken twig

She is weeping
about some thought
her tears
twinkling in the golden sun
run along her cheek
and falls!

She is waiting with
dreams in her eyes
aspirations clamped in her heart
for her lover!

A moment without him
might kill her
of pain…

She loves him
more than herself!

The wind
takes the fragrance of her tears
across lengths!

Moments flew by…
and I see in distance
her lover
coming flapping his majestic wings
with a rose
clenched in his beak…

For his ever loving girl!

Oh… what a couple!
a love
so radiant
it will make the stars shy!