a poem by Purushothama Rao R

Say goodbye to all our inhibitions and fears
And start the process speedily to wipe out our drooping tears
We have time tested all the pros and cons of the life my dears
Let us now warm up and pull our socks as frequent fliers

We have till date lived in our love lots dearer to our hearts
Keeping in mind all the aims and ambitions serene in sorts
Stress and strain we ‘he undergone never matters
We enjoyed the fonts to the fullest extents in desired lots

Rewind and Recapitulate the occasions that rejoices us all afresh
Allowing the time to throw all the fast forwards to the trash
Let us enliven those moments by just clicking a flash
Satiating the divine desire the body and soul hopes to relish

Life dares but never waits for the niceties if any found in the album
Hats off and hats off to all the preservatives held in tandem