Yellowed Leaf

a poem by Adurthi Sushana

She had shared
her being with him,
protected him in the azure depth of her womb,
for nine months.
She shared joyously with him,
her life, her blood, her thoughts,
and brought him safely,
with no pain to him.
And now….
he did not wish to share his roof.
Like a yellowed leaf,
hidden in the pages of a forgotten book,
he kept her concealed in a room,
at the far end of the house.
He was ashamed to have her,
shuffling amidst the proclaim glass and granite.
Wrinkled and dried up,
her withered frame,
was no match for his proud crystals!
he delivered her safely,
to more of her kind,
now, like others,
used and discarded,
she awaits her final destruction.
Sitting by the window,
staring at the crimson sunset,
she always dreamed.
And one day,
dreaming so…
she did not wake up!
They said it was old age!
But the truth was,
she died with a broken heart…