Word by Word

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

You continue to be alone
And may diminish tomorrow to A POSITION OF none
War and victories will not shower on you
Any sympathy any time I just remind you too

Darkness will never lead you to the destined goal
Brightness in heart and soul will only bless you in the role

Silence wins over the sounds any time to any extent any far
And will not make the victorious spree to you there after a bar

Happiness of all the ruled with out the enraging natural calamities
Will place all of you on a plank above the earth in all the formalities
It is a super contentment that leads you to a heaven
But not the violent traces that rest in your heart in traumatic haven

Be sure to change your phase before all the living world
And then definitely will relish your quotes not in death word by word