What lies beneath

a poem by Asha Sunil

What I see around me is just an illusion,
The world I live in is filled with such,
But what I should see is the deeper meaning
Behind every move, word or touch!

It is true that the prowling wolf doth wear
The pure white fleece of the innocent lamb;
And the darkest demons do move about
Behind angelic bodies: what a sham!

Behind every warm day, there is a cold night,
Behind every word, some hidden spite;
No one can distinguish between truth and lies,
But one can just hope that falsehood dies!

All those famous personalities do surely bear
A wide crack in their souls, they try to hide
Oh! Look deeper into the seemingly happy lives
Behold there are dark secrets inside!

I ask not of you to be a miserable paranoid
But just a person with caution, who sees
Not just the glamour and glitter outside
But the truth as to ‘what lies beneath!’