To all you women out there, You Rock!!!

a poem by Punavi Naik

If eyes were so essential to dream big,
If dreams were so essential to achieve big,
Could Helen Keller ever succeed?

If a cocoon were a restriction,
If being bound by discipline can’t set you free,
Could that butterfly ever fly?

If going with the flow could prove your point
If opposing the world would be a mockery,
Would the gulls now be mocking Jonathan?

If gender sensitivity held us back from reaching for the stars,
If the feminist movement was just a pastime
Could Jijabai mold Shivaji, the champion of Hinduism?
Could Laxmibai of Jhansi command respect of the British on a battlefield?
Had India been able to construct the flood movement leading to self sufficiency?
Could Kalpana Chawla be able to fly in a spaceship?
Could Indra Nooyi be appointed the global CEO of Pepsi?
Could Sunaina Bansal succeed in emulating Tew’s achievement?
Could Sarojini Naidu (‘The Nightingale of India’)
become the president of the Indian National Congress?
Could Krishnamurthy be a world known philosopher without Dr Annie Besant’s influence?
Could the French Army ever win the battle against the English without Joan’s support?

If a woman is a man’s greatest weakness,
If a woman’s backing every man’s success,
Can a man be the stronger of the 2 sexes???