The Wedded Life

a poem by Ramesh T A

Friendships can be fixed in the human world;
Marriages may be made in the heaven above;
But, love blooms like a bolt from the blue,
Though friendship, love and marriage are linked in life.

Love is the mother, and knowledge is the father;
While love inspires, knowledge guides everyone;
Love and knowledge in unity fulfills life’s destiny;
Without love and knowledge will there be human perfection?

Marriage is a must for harmonious human life in the world.
Perhaps man learnt about joint family life from the forest elephants.
Representatives of all stages of joint family live together;
But nuclear families have broken away for material benefits now.

Instead of grand parents, baby sitting work is done by servants for money;
Instead of home made medicines for minor illnesses, doctors are paid for heavily;
Instead of grand parents’ bed time stories, children seek for J K Rowling’s stories;
So, what the grand parents do out of love is done through professionals by money!

Can money buy all the care, company and affection of other members of a joint family?
Can love, sickness and affection last longer in the nuclear family or love marriage?
Not at all, if the nuclear families or love marriages don’t have friends.
Even if friends are there, could they replace the place of joint family members?

It is better to live alone than a wedded life without joint family set up;
Harmonious human life can be enjoyed after marriage only in a joint family life;
For, all the nuances of life can’t be enjoyed without the support of a joint family
As even to go away freely out for a holiday at will won’t be possible then.

Wedded life is a settled way of life in the human world;
Everything should be settled before making commitment for a wedded life;
For, marriage is a commitment between man and woman in life.
So, priorities must be completed before committing oneself for a wedded life.

Truth, peace, love and brotherhood every religion preaches in the world;
Education, friends, job, congenial society and favourable govt. are needed for good life;
Through friendship, if love blossoms and fulfills in marriage, it is the best life
That can be enjoyed for harmonious human perfection in an elephant like joint family.

Through Art, woman and Nature man explores and experiences bliss to achieve perfection.
Before beginning any work, worship of the Elephant God is well known in the society.
So, even for the wedding it’s done so before the union of two hearts before fire of truth or law
In the presence of all both for grief and comfort, loss and profit, failure and success till the end.