The Survival

a poem by Remadevi G

I stood waiting on the roadside to cross
It was morning and the traffic, high
To get a gap, both sides I looked
But the view, one big van blocked
A woman came by edge on one side
A baby about three, walked by her side
She lifted another infant in her arms
Seemed as a migrant in a folk class
Vehicles were running in speed medium
And the baby ran through midst of them
I closed my eyes in shock and fear
Heard the screaming of the child’s mother
Shouts and noises around a few seconds
When opened my eyes in all silence
The baby was running towards the mother
Mother sat on the road in shock and tear
Keeping the other infant at side on floor
She took the child and hit back and more
Mother, simultaneously cried and laughed
The child kissed her and smiles bloomed
Senses stretched, what a moment!
The moment of relief, love and life
Miraculous blissful moment of survival!