The Suffering in Texas

a poem by Jan Oskar Hansen

A picture postcard suburbia, perfect
Lawns rose bushes and leafy trees,
Children on bikes and shiny cars
Driving slowly, but behind domestic
Curtains of a bungalow tragedy struck
A mother killed her children.

When silent horror has abated a cry
Will reach the sky: Kill her! Kill her!
She’s an evil murderess, show no

Show compassion for her suffering
Show mercy, what mother would
Kill her children if she wasn’t ill?
When lightening strikes, when
A Hurricane hits and wrecks a town,
When the earth’s plates shift and
Houses are turned into rubble we
Quietly accept nature’s anger and
Don’t ask for revenge.

What happen, an early morning, in
A leafy Texan suburb was an immense
Calamity this poor woman has to live
With for the rest of her live, it’s up
To us to lessen her plight, show her
Our love and forgiveness.