The Ocean of Life – III

a poem by Ramesh T A

The sailors sail to many a land of diverse cultures for a long time
But not find a land of real joy and peace for a final halt so far
And so, the journey continues in search of Utopia in the world!

Before Sun rise when the clouds are changing into many colours
One fine morning the ship anchors near a new island of hope!
The green shore invites the visitors with the music of birds!

With new hope and expectation they enter the new island;
Moving round with enthusiasm they mingle with all men
Never to be exhausted but only to be engaged for a life time!
They have found the Utopia they are longing for so long!

A life of love and knowledge is the best culture they follow there;
Inspired by love and guided by knowledge they live their life;
By simple living and high thinking style they live a satisfying life;
They confide life is Existence, Knowledge, Bliss and Absolute.

Being non-attached and non-violent they are calm and balanced;
Sense of goodness, beauty and truth elevates them to nobleness;
Knowledge of Self, World, Nature and Universe decides their duty.

Boyish, aesthetic, intellectual and spiritual pleasures bring bliss endless!
And self-reliance in all situations leads them to absolute state one day!
They obey parents, safeguard family, defend friends and sacrifice for humanity;
This sense of natural justice and love of ethics are superb to emulate in life!
And this is how the woes of life can best be overcome in the world!