a poem by Purushothama Rao R

Tamasomaa Jyotirgamayaa*

What should I write in this hour of crisis?
When the darkness started to spread its thickening emphasis
Shall I have to pay my tributes to the brightness at large
Or try ways to mitigate the hardship from surge

A candle lit in routine manner started melting its tears
To keep us at least in some space of light thus throwing away in us the greatest fears

Have you decided to paint a gloomy picture my dear friend?
Questioned the darkness in its autocratic way of dealing with human mind

There were some fire works cracked with a view to spare some space and spray the sky with some paint
But alas! It is just a waste of light lit with some high cost but of no use it is at the most a kneeling faint

Now you tell me straight I am caught
in between pitch of darkness and feeble intensity of light

What should I write now to render justice?
Forgetting all the false prestige if any with me and also not sitting directly on fence

*Lead us kindly to light