Of Love and Friendship

a poem by Christuraj Alex

You’re a wanderer sheltered in my home for rain,
And occupied my home as a colonizer;
I was never lonely nor languishing in pain,
I accepted you, yet, as my enterpriser…

Your beauty of fading flowers, I don’t desire,
Nor your youthfulness, that like a squirrel, restless;
Fidelity, like the palm tree, must be higher,
And should shine, as the sun itself; never faithless…

Friendship, like pure precious stones, is hundreds in choice,
Choosing the best, like stone-lovers, is our true task;
Friendship, like roses and thorns, includes pains and joys,
In shiny sparks and scorching fire, we must bask…

Let us be faithful friends though in lustrous love lie;
Entwine our hearts firm within; while holding hearts high!