My Life

a poem by David P Carroll

As my life has gone by
In the blink of an eye
I’m old and grey
Memories of sadness

Everyone I truly loved
Have come and gone
But my memories
Will all still live on

Life was never easy for me
Hardness and struggles
Filled with my life
With lonely
Days and nights
I cried so much

Every day on my own
But found my way
Through nights filled with laughter and tears

All alone.

As I’ve grown old
It’s very clear to me
Things I once found
Were never here with me

And how many things
I needed
To make my life
Feel better

And my worries and fears
That plagued me
Every day in my life
But in the end
I just faded away to grey

And how much I shared
My life and soul and my heart
To everyone I loved

What’s really important
To me is
Whether or not
I was best man
I truly could of been in life

And all the love and kindness
I’ve shown to everyone
I’ll wait for good Lord
To Whisper
Now is your time to go.