Memories Lane

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

As I stand upon the hilltop
I feel the cool breeze caress my face
The soft breeze brings to me many memories
Some happy, some sad, some locked away
I am a little girl, sweet and talkative
The apple of everyone’s eye
Everyone wants to know whose girl I am
‘My mummy’s,’ I proudly reply
At nursery, a smart girl, active and bright
Eager to learn, A grades on the cards
Teachers pet, a promising girl
The journey through kindergarten now begun

My mother so keen, put me up on the stage
I was too small, the audience cried
They put me up on a stool, I nervously sang
All clapped my mom and teacher was proud
My first competition so many children
I wondered if I stood a chance
‘Old Mac Donald,’ I sang, ended with a horse trot
All applauded as toothbrush and chocolates I won
Then came school, new teachers new rules
Some I liked, many I did not
Always among the top three, I made a name for myself
In class four the head girl I was

Then came secondary school, all turned around
I gave a damn about all among last three I was
If none appreciated, then why be good
For my sharp tongue, infamous I got
I was no longer the little girl so sweet and nice
Indifferent and a recluse I become
I felt the world was mean I was all alone
No friends none by my side
I went through high school and soon stepped out
Into a college for the elite so I thought
I felt insecure but then soon realised
Nothing mattered if the attitude was right

Soon college was done, into the realworld step out
No longer protected, fend for yourself now
Meet new people and learn to gel along
I soon changed my glasses the world now looked bright
Great people I meet, some with shades of grey
But life has new colour and offers so much to play
Flirt with nature and seek the best from life
There is much it has to offer just open your palms
As I stand upon the hilltop, I watch my little girl with pride
There is much I want to give her, all in good time
She must see for herself what lay in store for her
Memories lay behind ahead of me her future.