Man’s Greatest Enemy

a poem by Mabel Annie Chacko

The first white hair
And a chaos is created
New techniques are searched
For blackening this enemy,
People get so scared
On seeing this little thing,
“White Hair” they say,
“Signify Old age,
It tells us that
It is time for us to
Buy our coffin.
Poor people are they
That treat this
As an enemy
Even young teenagers
Have white hair,
So, does that mean that
They are very old?
No, Old are those people,
Whose enthusiasm is dry,
Black hair and white hair
Do not signify
Youth or old age,
These are just the
various states of mind.
The more enthusiastic a person is
The more is he young.
First white hair
And people say they are old
They pack their bags
For the last run
The journey to Death!
If this happens…
What will happen to the youth?
Who will give them a bright future?
Who’ll show them their goal?
My dear aged friends,
It is not time to depart,
You still have the responsibility
To give us a good future,
Only then will India
Develop to become
The most developed
Among all nations.