Living Desireless Life – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Man cannot even dream without any desire in the world;
Desire is the basis for all developments in all domains;
But desire is the root cause for all difficulties too here!
So, Buddha says non-attachment is the solution for all crises.

Wisdom and love are the ways to overcome all the woes;
Desireless life only can lead to total liberation from bondages.
Above all Krishna has advocated to follow non-attachment,
The principle that balances likes and dislikes in life to peace.

Desire, wish, dream, vision and ambition give power in life;
Life means activity and wise act is creativity and profitability;
So, desire to do good is productive and bad is destructive; and
It is better to live with good desire than no desire of monotony!

Interest is proportional to desire and intention in the life of man;
Fortune goes on as long as intention and interest go with desire;
So, it is better to discover interest and achieve perfection in duty
So that life won’t be monotonous but full of joy and enthusiasm!

Desire to achieve the aim of interest delights one to do duty well;
And life goes on gloriously in achievements of one’s interest.
Success is sure and happiness with full satisfaction is certain then!
This is the dream, desire, goal, aim and ambition of everyone!