Life’s Beauty

a poem by Axl_izzy_duff_slash

Life is so unpredictable,
but hey it’s not unreasonable,
coz I got friends,
you people define friends,
coz you are there at this moment,
but who knows,
where our life leads us on,
different horizons,
the zig-zag,
deviated bylanes of life,
the open fields,
the aromatic sizzling innocent smell of a thirsty land,
the sweet serene sound of waterfalls,
the seven colours of the rainbow,
the arising dominant pride of the rising sun,
the beautiful song of the bird,
the crisping crackles of crickets
the beautiful women,
the zeal of rock music…

I will end it,
when I am done,
with this jailed soul,
tortured with wars ,hatred and wrath,
but I carry an obsession,
the burning like slash’s riffing guitar,
coz I carry the psychedelic colours of my friends moments,
I am like a free bird,
I love you guys,
and when I am done,
I will still wish,
still wish that you were here,
for my practitioned soul,
so farewell,
and play on….