Life goes on faith – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Does life go on luck or faith in the human world?
With love and knowledge life goes on faith only.
Fate and fortune fluctuate on man’s plans and deeds!

Out of jealously rascals create problems by tricks
And the troubles twist and turn the path of life,
Which the jealousy men wait and see in fun!

Thus even simple works are spoiled in the bud itself
Leaving good men suspect faith itself till demoralised!
On such occasions only mystics may be of some help.

Our birth and life lived so long only we know,
But not the future and death can we decide about;
And so, we have to believe and have faith in Him.

We have to believe that God will come to help
When injustice prevails to replace it with justice!
For, it had happened so and will happen so still!

God’s incarnations are not necessary to do miracles
But His agents are enough to do those jobs well
As men of good spirit will carry out His will well!

Though justice delays, yet it brings out the truth
And maintains the balance of mankind in the world;
For, without justice can anything function so long?

Even if man escapes from man made laws by tricks
He cannot escape from God made natural laws ever;
For, the indwelling spirit is not controlled by mind!

Individuals suffer for survival out of their own will;
Knowledge and justice help them to pull on the days
Against the traps of trivialities set by bad guys here.

Knowledge of Self, World, Nature and God is needed
To know the cause of birth and duty to do in the world
So as to fulfill one’s mission to reach the destiny well.