a poem by Atul Sharma

Lying in bed
Everyday I wonder
Why I am here
What makes me
Keep on going

Everyday ends with night
Night is followed by another day
Day begins with same sweet note of sun
But ends with sadness of night
I wonder from day I was born
It is going on.

Happiness comes like light of Sun
Sadness comes like darkness of night
I wonder in dark days
When there is no light
What keeps me going on?

When I am on the verge of giving up
Light again comes to keep me going
I wonder where this light comes from
Sometimes from eyes of person
Who I do not know touches our soul
Sometimes from the nature
Which always inspires me to keep going on?

I wonder what keeps me going on
In spite of all pain that dwell in me with end of every day
Probably God like ray of Sun enlightens our soul in every dark time
I wonder what keeps me going on…