a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

The train streams from past to the present,
streaks down with passengers aboard to future.
Nobody knows who boarded when ‘n’ where?
Each one had a past, present ‘n’ unknown way ahead.

Long track of time stretch infinitely beyond concepts.
One can see world runs past the windows.
Every moment, scenario changes to a fresh one.
Nothing remains static in the vision and mind.

On the way the train stopped at many stations,
alighting some passengers and welcoming new.
They all live in a world of their own making,
living and leading a selfish, egocentric; egoistic life.

Moment to moment men live through three tenses.
Head lives often in the past, body in the present and,
legs placed to the dreams of future, eyes closed to darkness
Suddenly announcement “it’s your station.”

In a world that changes each moment,
One has to run in a haste to catch a catch22.
Everything outside widow transmutes into a new one.
Your feeling that ”I am” never changes in the journey!