Inner Voice

a poem by Annapurna Krishjeev

Which way shall I roll the dice?
The inner voice or the outer choice
Both are nice; but only one is wise
For both together I am not suffice

The inner is the ‘TRUTH’, they say
Through the heart it makes its way
Where the soul cherishes to stay
And God resides to hear me pray

While the outer is the mystic wonder
To which my bodies simply surrender
To please people and make self fool
And of world pleasures become a tool

I know, I have but only one choice
To shun the world and feel suffice
But I alone cannot defy the whole
The world in which I play no role

This is how I struggle and bother
To end strife amidst me and other
I cannot however, betray my heart
And set my conscience to thwart

It’s decided, this is not a place for me
It’s not distress but the voice of glee
This world, I cannot change but laugh
So into my head, I set the trigger off

(I am talking of ending the strife and not life)