I discover my sourness

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

From the butter of your heart,
Spring thousands of butterflies, so colourful
Delicately shaded in every shape and colour
Scintillating beauty in every nook and corner
Sprinkling mist in colours
Smearing vermilion from your forehead
Blooms of your heart flutter
Floating everywhere in ecstasy,
As your divine thoughts,
From the soft subtleness of your bosom
You create sweet sprinkle of love
A splendorous aesthetic canvas is drawn
Painting life in its every contour

My face is covered in your brilliance
I cry madly for your love
When you tickle me with
The sense of your nobility, your compassion, your lust
When I dive deep in to the origin of your sweetness
I discover myself my sourness
Oh dear unfold me in to the lap of your nature.