Happiness in Life – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

If we live in village or town, bungalow or hut,
Happiness in life lies in our hands only.
If we satisfy and make secure family’s future
Life will be joyful to live in this world.

So, what is important in life in this world?
Love and good company need we to work and live.
Not money and materials, which are immaterial;
Yet they are needed to facilitate our work and life.

Looking other’s life one becomes only jealousy
And enters upon unhealthy competition to excel!
Also, copying others one cannot improve much
But only one loses one’s individuality in life!

Each one’s life is one’s own to be lived
As to one’s wish to fulfill one’s will here;
That is the purpose Nature has created all
And otherwise life will be meaningless one!

There should be some ambition in life
And life should be lived accordingly;
Then only life will be lively in the world
And that is in our hands only to the end!

In history or Nature cause and effect are common;
So, if the result has to be a good one in life,
Cause and means followed should also be good;
That is the way to achieve joy in life here.

Many live for power or pleasure or wealth,
Some for love but few for knowledge or truth;
That is the nature of the people everywhere
We commonly see in this beautiful world!

Many live for money believing that
With money everything can be bought!
For enjoying sexual life with friends
And spending in Star hotels money is all!

So, if some business is started with politicians
They feel quickly more money can be earned!
That is why there are crimes, violence and
Destructions in all walks of life in the world.