a poem by Rajesh J

EMOTION : Longing of a high-class family child

She says she is my mother
He says himself as my father;
But never had I seen both
As the nail and its skin!

Somehow we live together
Under one roof and floor
By some invisible glue named family
For the sake of society’s concern.

Midnight is morning for me
For my bed is wet-
And no one to take care;
Mom’s at club, Dad’s at shares!

What breaks my morning sleep
Is Dad’s yelling, Mom’s cooking;
Within seconds they lock and fly-
And alone I live for walls.

They have their own bedroom
And kitchen, banned for me;
Myself locked up in the toy room
With drink and food for everyday.

It seems like a desert
With all those crooky dolls-
And I, like a pussy pet
Weekly grow for them somehow tall.

After a life in manger
I am travelling towards a danger
For the society loves their life,
No time to think about my own.

Oh! My bed is wet,
This time it’s the tears!
For whom and for what I am living?
Don’t know, I never lived it.