Every minute…

a poem by Gaurishankar Chemudupati

Every minute, thousands are born,
Thousands of people die forlorn,
Every minute nature destroys nature,
Be it storms, earthquake or volcanoes;
Prices rise, shares fall,
Governments collapse, scams come to light,
Corruption goes on unabatedly
Protected by the people
Earmarked for it’s eradication!
New inventions made to mould the life
More and more happy and comfortable!
Thousands of events good and bad happen!
Minutes are part of centuries.
A minute lost may cost loss infinite
That the other minute cannot restore!
Enjoyments, affections, bliss and achievements
Should be won to keep life in fine tune
Taking care not to lose any single minute
By inviting troubles, failures, separation and loss!
Lost minute can never be regained!
Life is short and agenda of life is everlasting;
If we miss a minute, we may miss a life
Let us enlist life’s agenda,
Use every minute to live rich
in peace, happiness, glory,
Universal love and social awareness!
Let us not waste a single minute
Worrying over split milk!