a poem by Nandita Pai

Many a times,
We are left stranded,
In the crossroads of life.
Many a times,
We feel abandoned,
In this journey of life.
Several questions crop up,
Remain unanswered for days.
Anxieties build up,
Leaving us dismay.
It makes us wonder,
Why can’t things remain the same,
Everything was fine,
Life was moving smooth and in lane.
And standing here at the crossroad,
Tomorrow seems a blur.
With paths leading us different ways,
Which one to opt for, we are unsure.
At such times, as always,
Just hold on and follow your heart.
That route unveils itself
That route that is just right.
Slowly but surely, clouds move away.
Happy days are back.
The storm passes away,
The journey in back on track.
But only few care to retrospect,
The purpose of such crossroads
And fewer still, care to learn,
The lessons that these crossroads hold.
Its only when we have twists and turns,
The journey becomes an adventure.
Its only when the going gets tough
The tough get tougher!!