a poem by Christuraj Alex

I had seen – her calm, cool, composed – like a soft soothing breeze,
Though she could turn tempest or tornado or weakly wheeze;
Like a formless cherub in an endless garden of love,
She covered the earth while racing on cloud-Morgan above!

Lovely you are! I said to her, Love’s living conqueror!
Aren’t you, yet, noisy nomad, gypsy, or mere wanderer?
I am vagrant sure, she said, and a tireless traveler,
I have jailed you, yet, in my sachet, like a prisoner!

It was when I moved much away from the maddening crowd,
And when pondered over her bewildering words aloud;
Enlightenment dawned in me like the wisdom of Buddha,
Many great truths got revealed slowly like Brahma Chakra!

True as very truth is my brief existence in the breath,
Who on this earth exists, devoid of her, from birth to death?
She murmurs, whispers, commands, demands, like Divine Spirit,
She creates! Destroys! Takes to zeniths! Grants highest merit!

Soft, serene like nectar secreting in a rose flower,
She seeps in; grows glows like a flower on a green bower;
Consciously conscious! Unconsciously unconscious! Solace!
Plows through the interiors, like Yacht through water, flawless!

Shifting my state of mind, working like a leaven within,
Sleep, wake – like my mother – in feasting and fasting she’s in;
She is the beginning! End! Center! Whole! Totality!
She is the starting and ends of the whole humanity!

What an engulfing like a fiery inferno and smoke,
What an empowering and overpowering soul-stroke!
What a change, like unique bloom! Great is the life-giving breath!
What Calm! Peace! Tranquility! Bliss! Awesomely saving meth!

With her, no stress! No strain! No phobia! No mania!
Her free-blow within free from frightening insomnia;
Abandoned to her eternally evolving Spirit,
Body and soul reach zenith beyond the mundane limit!

Growing high, I gladly come to the realization,
That I’m part of the classic universal cognition;
Wherein my inner unity freely fondly extends,
And to the external eternal harmony, it tends!

Knowingly? Unknowingly? Willingly? Unwillingly?
Breath has adopted me – calmly, cutely, and cautiously!
Has made me a flute, lute, melodious rhythmic consort,
I play on! I am played on! Till I reach restful retreat!!!