A mouthful of silence

a poem by Bedatri

Have you ever felt a knife cutting down your back?
Ever felt like a rotting corpse on a haystack?
Ever wondered what it feels when happiness tastes stale?
Ever lost your voice when all you wanted to do was wail?

I stand here today-
A defeated and beaten Destiny’s prey.
My dry eyes are wide awake-
Disgusted of all it has seen:
Rotting love, estranged bonds, bleeding wrists-
Ah! What a life it has been.

Lone, solitary and beaten out of shape-
The heart fails to keep further faith.
People meant the world, and now they mean a naught-
No one recalls those promises they happily forgot.
Who keeps count, I ask, of what I attained and lost?

Ever felt the insatiable thirst for your own tears?
Ever been a dumb witness to the realization of all your fears?
Ever thought that there might be no future, after all?
Ever lead a life-engulfed with shadows of past-
Splattered all over your heart’s walls?

Bland joys, stale smiles-
The mirage if life- a road which beguiles.
In some hidden alley of the heart,
Amidst some forgotten pile,
A knell tolls and a jackal shrieks-
Through the darkness, a light so bleak.

I raise my hand, clinging on to hope-
Refusing to let go.
So much pain in such little time-
With small joys scattered here and there.
Maybe it’s time now to bid adieu-
Too late to judge whether it is wrong or fair!
So slit my wrist and put on the crown of thorns-
Close your eyes, I will be gone