Remember Those Days

a poem by Pooja Amin

When you were an infant born into the world,
happiness and wonder came to you in swirls.
Toys surrounded you night and day,
and life seemed so wonderful in many different ways.
As you grew older, you began going to school,
playing, crying, and jumping, yet trying to follow the rules.
The best thing to you was chocolate, ice cream, and cake,
to your mother you would say, “Please let me stay up tonight a little late.”
Your innocence to adults seemed to be so cute,
but sometimes your stubbornness caused many family feuds.
Today when you woke up being a teen,
life began to be so confusing that you felt you wanted to scream.
Your friends would love and sometimes hurt you,
that you began to fear the world would sometimes even turn on you.
Trust is something that you put in your friend;
it just doesn’t always stay till the end.
People come and go like birds in the sky,
and leave behing some kind of message that makes you cry.
Preaching is something people do, yet their actions speak a different language,
like forcing wrinkled clothing into a beautiful baggage.
The more you grow, the more you see,
that life is like an endless symphony.
There are many notes that travel up and down,
yet we still must take the strength and courage to balance on our heads, the noble crown.