Life Attitude

a poem by Jasbir Nagpal

We are all simple human beings
No one is ideal, nobody is perfect
Having whims, fancies and moods
None of us is heavenly God
Something good, something bad
Somewhere correct, somewhere wrong
Stay on ground, where we belong

We all have our jobs to do
Some destined, some assigned
Many to obey, a few to design
Chairs are a few, many to climb
Ways many, a few ultimately find
Always easier to find fault and criticise
On your shoulders, jobs look oversize

Yes, It is the chair that matters
How you behave, how you run the show
Goes to speak a lot about you
You leave the tracks that stay
Week after week, day after day
It is the image that you create
Still lingers when you go away

Your environment and surroundings
You cannot radically change it
Dreams, facts and bitter realities
Have to face and slowly arrange
Let the bygones be bygones
You have to forget the bitter past
Learn to live with what is in hand