Death is coming

a poem by Tanushree Nair

Run run run,
Death is coming,
Death will take your life;
For you do not feel feared and afraid,
So they talk of after life.

Hiding in the closet,
Hiding in your attic,
Won’t stop you from not dying;
Death is a door to the better world,
I am sick of all this bloody lying.

When I’ll die,
They will count my sins,
And then I will go to hell or paradise,
My after life would be better or worse;
Quite a tale indeed it is,
Full of shit and lies.

No sex no fag no booze,
All hymns and prays and no fun;
For a shity life you led and suffered,
Now you got a seat in heaven;
A reward for sucker’s life,
Is to share after-life with other dull boring men;
And then you won’t ever regret it,
B’cos by then you are all dead and done.

I am suffering here and now,
Cause I sinned and enjoyed,
Last time I was here,
Ha! Don’t be so naive;
It is all shit and crap,
So . . . . and have fun,
Before death takes takes you alive.