A Final Stop

a poem by Urvi Malhotra

Looking back in time
I think about my adulthood and prime,
In me has faded away
Infancy, youth, adulthood that now I keep at bay.

I’ve faced each day as a challenge,
With all my efforts, smartness and talent.
There was the dawn of desires, duties and relations,
And the dusk of contentment and satisfaction.

I see my children in the lap of progress
But see in them the worries and tensions that I must suppress.
I live each day in hope of living for tomorrow,
Away from the world of fights, humiliation and sorrow.

In my final journey to the horizons of happiness
I pray each day for a better and healthy world of progress
I am proud to see the dynamism and enthusiasm in the youth
But regret to see their aggressive fights, though they’ve the same root.

I express my gratitude to all of you,
To those who helped me accomplish my dreams and goals too
To those who gave me the power of ownership
And the love of friendship.
To my family who respects me
And to the almighty who blesses me.

The era I lived in is now in history
And for the people yet to come, my life would just be a story
As there’s nothing but one thing for a while that’s static
And that’s happiness that always makes you ecstatic!

I am through the final pages of my destiny…
But always with the fragrance of each phase of life that dwells in me.