Thank you! Teacher

a poem by Guddu

(Dedicated to my voice and accent neutralization trainer Miss.Anita)

Pronouncing the ee’s,
Stressing at the aa’s, or
Pausing at the ooh’s.
My dear sweet teacher,
you are a master preacher.

Arguably the best in business,
your articulation and clarity are amazing.
Walking tall with grace and charm,
your smile has carried us through.

Dedicated and devoted in all that you do,
your intonation and pronunciation are nothing short of perfection.
Disciplined and kind in every aspect of life,
your determination and will power, will take you places.

God’s blessed you with an art, a golden one,
believe me, your voice is as sweet as honey.
Hats of to you queen, you are an ocean of knowledge
I am proud to be a drop in it.

Gem of teacher, jewel of a person,
Keep smiling always, its given people around you so much to cheer about.
Wishing you the best in life.