a poem by Raj Nair

A cornerstone in a democracy
An act bereft of prejudices
A gesture that cajoles morality
A system that regulates societies

Such rhetorics stir the hornest’s nest
For justice fondles the bastions of Rich
A pragmatic nuance, condones the brut
A system that ablutes in stealth

Justices adheres to what is Right
When values tumble Justice is Alibi
stampedes on morality, a horrendous holocaust
Justice – an incognito Injustice to many

Justice – caressed in the mighty abodes
Abodes of the nefarious, the rustic
Its trajectory abstains from the Gods
For many it’s a courteous illusion, Mystique

Symphony in tranquil, opera of woes
Trifles of bliss, deluge of agony
Nations imbibe the bouts of trepidations
Melee- what Justice seeks in melancholy