Legendary Body Exist

a poem by Jayati

Libraries, bookstore
Pleasure trip indoors
Glamour glance,
Heart dance conga
Aroma- in residence
Increase hunger
Volatile conglomerate
Insatiate appetite
Non-stop gratis
Feast in greedy mind.

Inquisitive, curious
Gulp in, sheen shine-
Seek knowledge
Eat books endless.
History, geography
Sports and medicine
Include glossy magazines
Eyes, twirling trance.

Rows of discipline
Arranged neat and clean.
Housed in chambers
Shelves with numbers
Filing cabinets
Push, pull drawers
Search for bookmarks.
Bodylines stay fine, eager students.
On shelf hard bound
Benefit lawyers, as well doctors.

Keeps fit tannoy, revert, and revise.
Tailor-made, rudiment rubrics, share in members
Centuries’ advantage, useful computers.
Sub-lease discs, disk, books, and journals.
Mostly free, it is – resonance competence.
Voracious ocular, vociferous silence-
Hard mettle theories, settle soft, on shoulders.
Mavericks mind, steams – James Watt.
Atmosphere is sacred
To Saraswati Goddess of learning, our votives – worships.
Great pleasures found treasure in buildings, storing books.
A wishful motive is to vaporise, secure inside libraries.
As legendary body, thus continue to exist!