Freshen Woodland

a poem by Jayati

Freshen Woodland for Health and Wealth

Woodland changed for better into a concrete slum.
Inside storied chambers, miserable poverty strolls numb.

Had I been up and down there
Would have, never allowed this still
These lacking of simple ideas, taking on its toll
Wiping out standards, smiles, and goodwill
Years of hard work, and toil meticulously, built.

However, the trees are in their original place
The walls but covered with burrows
Neutral whitewashed replaced by mindlessness
Health and hygiene a causing sorrow.

Terrible sad incision and omission
Brushing the corridors in various blues
Pennywise pound-foolish decision
With mosquito bites, disappointment the soothers blew.
Thus Luxmi, Narayanan, Medha, Pardhan struck flu.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging no more
Just photo shot thrown, through and through-
Tramping trapping pigeons
No solution to heal and earn practice, true-

Operation in green, good theatre action
With sure prevention, better than cure, crew.
Rescue woodland from deterioration.
Not much may, pretend pink of health, account eyesore.
Nor that an empty pocket acute, could.

Responsible who is for this insolence, state?
Is Joy relay, anyone listening?
In nineteen ninety-six inside the aeroplane
Met this bespectacled, light-complexion,
Sourpuss woman
She was, Woodland, literally licking.
Wonder her motive, what could she gain?
Why she had been such a negative liaison fist ling?

Perhaps because this beautiful woodland green
Was, city dweller’s only hope for ‘health is wealth’ pristine!