A Smile and a Song

a poem by Haimnauth Ramkirath

Move carefully in a dark and troubled world
and remember the peace in silence of your soul.
Endure the daily struggle and noise
with heart and mind still in poise.
Be a friend to all
of whatever color, creed or clime.
Let not your truth be silenced
by lies, deceit, and violence.
Live with honor and dignity
above the fray of pettiness and controversy
and unfettered by pride and self – glory.

Widen the circle of your compassion to include all beings
that your hands may reach out to the suffering
and those whose plight the world has not seen.
Let not bitterness and animosity find a dwelling in your heart
for none to suffer but yourself from the malice you harbor deep within.
Strike the chord of love in the sacred core of your inner self
and life’s burdens will surely fall
seeing yourself reflected in all.

Bear well the slights and insults of others
for in the end they do not matter
keeping your mind’s eye on what’s worthy to gather.
Keep your hopes and aspirations alive
and let none stand in the way
as you reach for the very stars.
You are far more than the world would have you be
so let your light shine that others may see.

Strive to keep your spirits high
To shield you when you are down in turmoil.
But when in the grip of deep despair and darkness
lift up your heart and soul to THE SWEET LORD
and a calm will enter your being
as real as anything to be seen.

Remember, one day at a time to live
to strive, to love, and to give
to pause and stand rapt with awe
at the sounds and beauty of nature
to awaken, sing, and dance
to touch the hearts of those you reach
with your humility and words so sweet.

Open your mind to knowledge and wisdom
wherever to be found.
Have a good sense of humor
To lighten any dilemma.
And like a child be playful and jolly
with a smile and a song in the heart
that the days of your life may sweetly pass.

Above all be yourself
be mindful of what you cherish and hold so dear
and of that indomitable human spirit
ever burning in the human breast
that knows no limits or boundaries
with so much endless possibilities.
Therefore, be wary of those who prescribe to you
what to believe, cherish, and do
to conform to their expectations and view
your dreams and aspirations to eschew.
Chart a course of your own
as your inner nature and heart beckon
reaching for the other shore
a life of joy, purpose, and much more

For you are a child of eternity
in essence immortal and unsullied
thought sheathed in a perishable body.
You made an entry in this world and you will make an exit
Your role is to play the part well in this bewildering drama
of life and death, of pain and pleasure, happiness and distress.
Therefore, be at peace with your soul and with God
for you are as dear to Him as any being that breathes
in this noisy and confused world.
Strive to be cheerful and happy.