India unites against Criminal Corona

a poem by Yerra Praneeth

Corona, criminal in the society, coming to the community
Let’s all, face together
Let’s all, fight together
Let’s all, stay together
Let’s all, stick together, restrict together, in our homes, all together

Decide yourself, dedicate yourself, discipline yourself
Don’t come out, don’t eat out, distance yourself
Self discipline is the safest medicine
Better than a vaccine in future

You and I are the home for Corona
You and I are the host for Corona
Let’s all make the corona home less, host less, by staying in our home

Corona attacking common man
Common man use your common sense
If common man gets out, Corona gets in
If common man gets in, rests in, Corona gets out

Indian citizens, come together, unite together, close our doors together
Citizens, continue to stay in your homes, until the Corona goes
Indians, show your love to the nation
By living, staying in your homes as a nation