India Today

a poem by Aenugu Kishore Babu

India today is full of mire!
With tear and Wear!
The Flight of masses is rudderless
The Sight of the scene is ruthless!

See them flavoring the noodles with sand
See them poking in their own eyes and blind
See them robbing their own houses and running around!

Bullets singing the morning prayers for the deaths
Overflowing the canals with oozing blood
Cultivating the crops of Hatred and violence
It is the sight of ruthless Nightmare!
India today is full of mire and Nightmare!

Listen the rhythm for a new heaven
Over the steps of corpses
With the bricks of corpses!
The tragedy is beyond letters
Whatever I write is little it matters!

From the hidden layers of History
I sensed the undercurrents of Love
Through the Lotus Hearts of those days
It was perfumed the cent of brotherhood!
Wonder? The same place is full of draculas!
Opening their unknown mouths of communal flames!
Still, the hope is vying for blossom
Because, it is not a Barren Land!
For the Jasmines of Tomorrow
Let us forget the to day’s Sorrow!

India today is rudderless!
All we want it to be faultless!