Blessed Land

a poem by Kamar Sultana Sheik

Some rare moments find me grateful…
For my Birth
In such a Blessed Land:

The Land of Coconut Palm and GulMohar…
And shell-filled, white-sand beaches,
Hot and Cool:
A Land where tales are told in Stone
And Woven in fabric –
The land of Tulsi and Lotus
And fragrant Jasmine…
Of Incense and Turmeric…
Decorated Elephants and Snakes –
With Jewels in their heads:

The Land where the tales of Love and Grandeur
Are retold in Mirrors and White Marble…
The Land of the Peacock resplendent
In all its Vibrant Glory!
Where every Rock in colourful desert-land
Reflects the fortitude of its people
Celebrating amongst the flowering Cacti
Amidst Sun-baked Earth!

The land of Farmers and Fishermen…
Faithful children of Earth and Sea!
Of Gypsies telling history in folk-lore.
Embodiments of colourful Rustic Art
Relating the glory of by-gone eras…
The land of the Chatim and The Banyan
Whose Shade sheltered many a Pilgrim
On his Inward journey…
Where Life is Sacred in all its forms
And Worship, the life-cord
Binding all Chords of Life.
The land of sunny skies and dusty streets
Of Sunflowers and Canna
Bathed in Golden Sunlight!

Such is the Glory of the land
Which taught me to respect alike –
The Twin entities of the Cradle and The Grave,
To pay the highest tribute due
To the Mother and The Teacher
And the Martyr…
And The Indian.