A Deep Deep Sigh

a poem by Famida Basheer

Mother earth in sedate poise
She swirled upon a wary axis
She watched with turbid eye
the machinations of the creatures
that she wrought;
those breathers that brought
crude wile of mind
to her topography
with nuclear detonations
acrid experimentations;
contrived to cause fear in a neighbour…
Nothing more than pure
unadulterated fear…
Primitive nationalists who would not let themselves be civilised
or negotiate across a table
Who need to instill horror, create enemies, to be lord of a territory…
They tossed all norms of united life
to find divergence of every hue
of language, colour, religion, caste…
they blew a sordid breath upon
the length of a nation
the breadth of her history
the civilisation of her people
Mother earth watched with silent sight
Her sincerity powerless in the face of deviant thought
She quelled a tear
but was forced to expel
from deep within her very core
a sigh that rattled through her depths
that broke free through metal sheet, coal and rock
to knock upon an unwary people
To knock upon a collective conscience
to hold the nations shoulder in a powerful shake
to tell her people.enough is enough
No more divisions
You are one;
believe it or be damned…