The Audience Stood Dead

a poem by Christuraj Alex

Abdul Kalam A.P.J.,
‘Beloved President’ of India;
‘The Missile Man’,
A friend of children;
An ‘aerospace scientist’,
A heightened philanthropist;
Known for industriousness,
Optimism, absolute resilience,
Decorum, Dedication, Devotion,
Inspiration, Motivation, and affection…

* * * * *

On Twenty Seventh of July
Two Thousand and Fifteen;
Traveled to Shillong at request-
To Indian Institute of Management;
There in an auditorium luminous,
Students and greatest of intellectuals;
While delivering his lecture brilliant,
Only five minutes, lo, ‘Cardiac arrest’!
‘Pulse down’, they said, he collapsed,
The audience stood stunned as though dead.