Mysteries of the Night

a poem by Sandhya Ramachandran

What is it that happens, when it is midnight?
An eerie silence descends upon the world,
making everyone and everything go silent!
No sound is heard or made, none stir from deep sleep.

Why is the world so calm? Is it to welcome an arrival;
or mourn a departure? Or is it because the ghost parade
to send chills down our spine, and sow fear in the mind
Or is it because dear angels come,
to bless yearning fervid souls with joy
and tired sleeping soldiers with long lives?

Why is it that the moon shines more paler than ever
at this odd mysterious hour; casting strange long shadows,
instilling fear and adventure?
What is it that happens then that everything welcomes it still?
Do flowers ‘bloom’ beauty to lighten up the stars?
Maybe the night wind whispers secrets to the night,
or the trees stand guard to fight aliens from light years afar.

Whatever is it that freezes every life,
when the church clock wakes up from its
peaceful sleep, yawning, to chime twelve!!!???