Success, Failures, Flesh Bones

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

Success is neither a deep ocean floor
nor a shallow open water surface–
it is the never-ending depth in between the two extremes;
enjoy diving constantly through it with a steady pace.

Many crowded shoals of opportunistic small fishes
might come across your wavy way;
be like a hungry big shark–
keep chasing,
hunting them down,
before they already get far away.

Do not hesitate to crack open
the hard shells of freshwater sea crabs;
be like a Pacific octopus–
soft-bodied yet catch a couple gracefully,
feeding upon their delicious mantles delightfully,
whenever it grabs.

Do not fear the stinging tentacles
of deceiving toxic box jellies;
be like a leather-back sea turtle–
galloping effortlessly,
filling up our empty bellies.